I've spent the last 3 years working for Holiday Extras, in the Short Breaks team. I'm a Front End Developer, that means I get to handle how the websites look, run and most importantly how they satisfy our customerss needs.

I've enjoyed working closely with brands such as Paultons Breaks & Legoland Holidays, but I've worked with some smaller brands like Show & Stay

Paultons Breaks

This was the first responsive website that we had produced, so it was brilliant to be on the front line. I relished getting the chance to spend time talking to our customers, so we could ensure we were solving real problems.

The image above is taken from the Paultons Breaks ecommerce flow.

Webpagetest Mongo Wrapper

I enjoy stretching myself, and I've got a real passion for site speed. So getting the chance to build a wrapper to make use of the Webpage test API, and storing the results into MongoDB, was something I really enjoyed.
The data from this is currently being displayed internally at work, using D3.js, but the code is available on Github and it's available on NPM.

The image above shows the data being displayed.

And more...

I don't want to list my life story, but I hope this is a glimpse into what I do day to day.
If you want to extend this list, by adding your project onto it, I would love to hear from you